Our laboratory takes care of the ULB Gynecology Biobank

Gynecology Biobank

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Fundamental Studies
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Academic Clinical Trials

Our laboratory has created a biobank for several years: The Biobank of Gynecology of Erasmus. The purpose of this biobank is to collect, store and make available human body material and associated-clinical data for reseach within a strictly regulated framework.

The samples (types of samples) come from residual human body material remaining after diagnosis or are collected as part of our prospective clinical studies.

Our biobank is integrated into the CBEU (Conseil Hospitalo Facultaire des Biobanques). It is also part of regional (BWB), national (BBMRI) and European (BBMRI-ERIC) networks, thereby contributing to scientific projects at international level.

« Une biobanque est une structure qui assure le stockage et la mise à disposition de matériel corporel humain, exclusivement pour la recherche scientifique et qui n’est destiné à aucune application humaine »

(Loi du 19 décembre 2008).