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Louise Brown at the 42th BSRM scientific meeting

Louise Brown came to the BSRM meeting for her 40th Birthday to commemorate first IVF


Relais pour la vie

The laboratory team participates to the Relais pour la Vie at ULB in order to raise funds for the Fondation contre le Cancer


Team Building _Africa Museum

Past Events

MT180 2023

November 21, 2023

Long term safety of assisted reproduction

November 17, 2023

Our last Book Chapter contributions in Long Term Safety of Assisted Reproduction Edited By Arianna D'Angelo, Kenny A. Rodriguez-Wallberg, Daniela Nogueira

Female and male fertility preservation

November 17, 2023

Our contribution in the redaction of a chapter in the Springer Book : Female and Male Fertility Preservation Edited by Michael Grynberg, Pasquale Patrizio

Chrysa's Thesis

November 21, 2023

Matteo's Thesis

November 21, 2023